Introducing the Factions

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The events of Solar Command take place during the Galactic Revolution, a period of great political turmoil and societal change. In this chaotic era, three factions emerge as clear contenders for charting the course of history. They were but humble colonies when humanity first reach out and colonized the stars, but they have now grown to become great worlds with their own history, culture, and technology.


Founded on the ideals of peace and harmony, the world of New Gaia (often shortened to “Gaia”) is home to a society that prides itself on sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Hosting a massive variety of flora and fauna, this pristine world was colonized and carefully developed over the centuries to ensure no undue harm came to its complex ecosystems.

Gaia is the most economically prosperous world of the Outer Colonies, which is the largest ring of interconnected colonies around Earth. Gaians are a peaceful lot, but in these times, they are not afraid to resort to violence to defend themselves, their allies, and nature. They show open disdain for those who embrace violence and use brute force to achieve their goals. Gaia specializes in defensive technology, such as force fields and shields. Gaia fights to bring an end to the violence and restore peace to the cosmos.


Originally a remote mining colony, the planet of Archleon is now the seat of an empire. While its citizens once took pride in the freedom and equality they enjoyed, in these turbulent times, they have put their faith behind a single emperor promising them prosperity and glory. Archleon is the most populated world of the Outer Colonies, and has long been a rival to Gaia as they have expanded their influence across space.

Archleans are a warlike people, taking pride in their military prowess and their unwavering dedication to their homeworld. They disapprove of those who avoid violence and refuse to fight for their convictions. Archleon specializes in offensive technology, building massive war machines to defeat their enemies. Archleon’s ultimate goal is to bring peace to the cosmos by uniting humanity under a single banner.


What started as a waystation to the far reaches of explored space has become the center of research and technological innovation in humanity’s young interstellar empire. Nexus is the wealthiest of the Middle Colonies, the second largest ring of interconnected colonies around Earth. In addition, Nexus is home to the largest university in civilized space.

Nexians pride knowledge and understanding above all, and seek to spread their wisdom across the cosmos. They shun those who cling to the old ways and are disgusted by religious dogma. Nexus utilizes powerful technology to issue specialized upgrades to their forces that can handle any occasion. In these unstable times, Nexus has resolved to bring the gift of their wisdom and technological prowess to the rest of humanity. If force is necessary to civilize the cosmos, then so be it.

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