0.7.0 Patch Preview

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Greetings commanders! Patch 0.7.0 will be released next week. Here’s some details on what’s coming in the latest version of the game, along with some features that we’d like to highlight.

Training Campaign

We’ve put together a training campaign to help with player onboarding. New players will immediately start the training campaign when they first launch the game. Returning players can access the training campaign from the main menu by pressing the “Training” button.

The first mission of the campaign takes you through a border skirmish between two of the major factions in the game: Archleon and Gaia. This mission covers building and moving ships, as well as engaging the enemy in combat. Completing this mission will give you the knowledge you need to manage your fleet and conduct interstellar warfare. For now, we’re only releasing the first mission of the campaign. Future missions will cover topics such as colonizing new worlds and conquering enemy systems.

A screenshot from the training campaign.

Feedback Form

We welcome any feedback on the new onboarding experience or on the game in general. You can send us feedback straight from the main menu by pressing the “Feedback” button. We strongly encourage you to fill out this form at the end of your play session. Your feedback will help shape the future of Solar Command.

A screenshot of the feedback modal.

Good luck, commanders!

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